Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Random Update - August 1, 2012

So I've been sitting here trying to come up with something to say for 10 minutes. Updating this blog on top of our Facebook page is getting silly. Just FYI, I'm updating that vile Facebook page way more often than I ever did here.

Highlights from last few weeks are here:

Couple of videos have been posted to our Youtube channel here also:


Pilote Ancien said...

Jeez, Killboy, LET IT GO. ("Sitting here with nothing to say, updating this blog is silly.")

You already explained why you moved the highlights to Facebook. Most of us Facebook Skeptics followed, at least to view if not to post comments. You get more traffic there. We GET IT. If you don't want to update the blog, don't.

i.m.o., there are fewer funny Killboy captions on Facebook. The quantity of comments has gone way up, but the quality has gone way down. The artistic presentation (formatting) is not as good over there.

The move was an understandable business and personal decision (time management). You don't have to be snarky and defensive about it. That's not the Killboy Way.

Pilote Ancien said...

AND, to put the thing more positively, from my perspective, I MISS the blog. It was a GREAT site. So it wasn't ONLY Facebook Skepticism.

But I'm getting over it. Stages of Grief, and all that...

RC 51 Mark said...

Still wearing black armband.

yetimcclin said...

I've pretty much given up. I check here occasionally, but that's it. I don't do the Facebook page. Yeah, I'm on Facebook. But I like being able to make comments that I wouldn't want everybody and their brother seeing, let alone my mother in law.

Pilote Ancien said...

@ yetimcclin: Didn't know we were related by marriage!

2wheelsonly! said...

Yo Killdude!

Diehard here, I sincerely thank you!

killboy! Killboy!! KILLBOY!!!

2wheelsonly! said...

Cuz I'm stuck in a pagoda

with Tricia Toyota

RC 51 Mark said...

She was a news chick in socal

Pilote Ancien said...

Tricia gets around. Wonder if she rides?

2wheelsonly! said...

She was indeed a newscaster.

The line is from the song-

'(I'm Stuck In A Pagoda With)Tricia Toyota'

from The Dickies album "Dawn of the Dickies"

circa 1979

Hope all is well with all!

Pilote Ancien said...

Gonna make it down this year, 2WO? RC 51 Mark goes this month, I think, and I'm there in October. Already getting antsy.

Watchtower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pilote Ancien said...

08/15 Highlights comment: that 356A Speedster is the Real Deal, not a tribute. And 100% authentic too (side mirrors, etc.; looks like it used to have fog lites). Classic shot angle, too. Great work, Killboy!

Michael Haun said...

I miss the higlights. Most of the places I have network connectivity block facebook.

winger4life said...

well looks like KB has given up....... this weekly treat that I so much looked forward to is a thing of the past....... good luck in your new adventures KB.. it was fun

RC 51 Mark said...

I've looked at the FB page and read the comments.
Sounded like most of the respondents were on average about 14 years old.
Darryl is now a full grown man now no matter how much he resists it so I still cannot wrap my head around it at all. If it is working financially good for him but I cannot imagine it.

It is like most loved things that go away. Some call it "progress" "fate" or "the future" I just think things like this suck .

Not singling anyone out, just missing another thing that meant something to me.

martvol said...

I wonder if this isn't one of those times when less would have been more. I mean, That the reader of this blog did things to try to make the highlights. Now there are so many highliights that some of the are generic, to me anyway. Maybe I am missing something on some. Instead of hundreds, 20-25 special highlights might have been better.
Everyone has an opinion, that is mine.

Liza karen said...

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2wheelsonly! said...

Liza, baby!

That sounds kinda like a SALES pitch, no?

please Please PLEASE tell me it's not..please??

2wheelsonly! said...

@ Pilote

greetings, good sir

Welp, my plan was to ship my '83 Suzuki GS1100E to TimsCBX in Georgia for a 100% tear-down/build-up thang then ride'er back to Rhode Island via Deals Gap.

I sold my '99 CBR600F4 and '82 GS650E for $$$ towards that goal BUT economic circumcisions, er, circumstances forced me to spend that loot on luxuries like paying the mortgage and silly other things.

At this point the plan is a dream..

But, my wife and I know a sweet lesbian couple (hawt) a few hours from Dragon-town. When we visit them I will take my Dakota x-tra cab with the GS in the bed.

Shooting for summer '13


2wheelsonly! said...

killboy! Killboy!! KILLBOY!!!

martvol said...

2wheelsonly said he was giving his 2 wheels a ride in a cage.....BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!
The wife and I just got home from a 3 day, 1250 mile trip to the top of PIke's Peak and Mt. Evens. RIDE THAT THING!!!!!!!!!

RC 51 Mark said...

Liza's Cans look good on my Browser !

2wheelsonly! said...

oh martvol, martvol, martvol
(^to paraphrase Felix Unger^)

please don't poop yourself!

My little Suzy was born in 1983.
I am the second owner and she's in good shape BUT we are still talking a 30 years old motorcycle with nothing but regular maintenance.

She weeps a small amount of oil from certain seals and such.

that's WHY my plan was to ship said motorcycle to TimsCBX in Georgia where it would be Completely re-done. Just like new again for about $10,000 plus.
(please see previous comment)

They would also do the break-in and THEN I would pick'er up and ride that Brand New GS1100E back North to Rhode Island (please see previous comment) with FULL confidence via the Tail of the Dragon.

Alas, funding isn't happening right now BUT I still want to Respectfully Ride the Dragon!
(please see previous comment)

Hence the aforementioned bed of my pick-up to bring her south to the hawt lesbian couples home in NC with NO worries.
(please see previous comment)

But I already mostly explained all that..

Are you sleeping at the handlebars?

I also LOVE how you had to include this about YOURSELF in your supposed critique of ME-

"The wife and I just got home from a 3 day, 1250 mile trip to the top of PIke's Peak and Mt. Evens."



martvol said...

Scap it and buy new. It just isn't worth it.
Poking a little fun at your name but you go off on D*** mode.
That is all.

martvol said...

No comment section for the Beebeez.. So... Thank you ladies!!!

2wheelsonly! said...

oh martvol.. I get it now! You can bust my balls BUT when I send it back to you I am in D***mode? Whatever floats your boat!

Scrap a sweet vintage standard?

Me thinks not. It's worth wayyy more to me than any $$$ I'd get!

2wheelsonly! said...

you know what martvol?

I can see what your saying!

Just *who* wants to hit the road with 4wheels and a BIG windshield in front of their face?!

She-ought, add freakin' coffee cup-holders and man oh man I can dig what your saying!

Hey,hold on now..

martvol, did you post a photo of your bike with a trailer? hmmm, welp..if so that's 4wheels. And I remember a big windshield and coffee cup-holders?

Dude, don't get down on yourself!

Ride On ~ It's All Good!


Flash2Crash said...

The question that has never been asked: What do you do when you want a good gyro sandwich?

martvol said...

You set the throttle lock, then put your feet on the lower deflectors, and use both hands on the bad boy. Don't want the air current to pull any of the goody out of it!!!!! ;D

martvol said...