Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekly Update - July 19, 2012

Hey folks, highlights for the past week are located here:

And the Video Log from Saturday is below: (Audio not very good, not going to mount the mic like that again.)

If you dig around on our Facebook Feed you'll also see that I was able to get out today and get some cool shots of the lightning and other random stuff. Not much else to discuss that the photos don't show...still hot, still summer. Hope you're making the best of it wherever you're at!


Pilote Ancien said...

NICE highlights this week, Darryl.

Hard to know if the Audi is appalling or hilarious. As in "What laws of physics did you parachute in from?" Would be interesting to ask the driver, "So, what did you learn today?"

Anonymous said...

can you get a remote mike so we can hear you?

Pilote Ancien said...

@ RC Mark 51: Let me know when you're on the Dragon in August. Will check the "daily rushes." Interested to see your bike.

RC 51 Mark said...


RC 51 Mark said...

Gonna be later coming up,better weather anyhow !

What happened to Beth at DGMR ? Is Charity in that role now ?

Pilote Ancien said...

Keep me posted if you don't mind. My next run is

Heat wave broke here yesterday; put 120 miles on the 'Stang. None in July; car is like a sauna if the ambient goes above 85.