Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Weekly Update - July 4, 2012

Whoo whoo!  Yes we're still alive for all you steadfast Facebook holdouts.  Last couple of weeks have been kinda nuts, we double-covered the Hillclimb and the Gap, and I've been working on a an article for Super Streetbike magazine.  Tonight we ran over to the TN side of the Dragon to catch some fireworks and now I'm here to finish this update.

To report on the goings on around the area, it has been HOT!  But hey, that's summer.  Also it storms at the end of almost every day...again, typical summer.  Traffic has died off a little bit, people avoiding the heat I presume, but it sure feels good out there in the evenings and at night. (hint hint)

No groups in particular on the calendar this weekend, but there will be a party/celebration/fiddy racing down at the Deals Gap resort Saturday night with reportedly some VIP visitors on-hand, so come on out if you can!

Ok this week's highlights are up here:

Last week's highlights are here, including some shots from the hillclimb:

And I did a little video on area roads Saturday:

(I feel like I'm double-posting everything now.)  Ok I hope you all have a great holiday week/weekend and enjoy the highlights.


Pilote Ancien said...

Hey, Darryl, thanks for remembering us FB holdouts! How was Chasing the Dragon this time? Are you gonna post any video? Too bad you can't run your toy, but I suppose CtD is a big for's "top line." Are they gonna run it again in September (I think it was)?

Hope Lori is better!

martvol said...

2 years ago my wife and I went on that Fontana Village road you mentioned. nice quiet ride, not for the knee draggers, but very enjoyable. We didn't meet anyone else on it when we went across. We rode on anything we could find. Didn't find a road we didn't like. One even turned to gravel on us.

Pilote Ancien said...

@martvol: I stayed at Fontana Village in March (would stay there again). Found that stretch of 28 as challenging than the Dragon in some ways.

It doesn't come at you as fast, but there are enough straights, and a mix of corner radiuses and hills, that you're into the gas more and the brakes a LOT more. Also, people with driveways live there. So you need to :::concentrate::: and read the road as carefully as the Dragon. I'm speaking as a cager here, but was going for some knee-dragger apex speeds on 28.

As KB said in the video, 28 is very nice further south too. You can push, or enjoy the scenery, or switch back and forth. We only went as far as Franklin.

Tellico Road/Wayah Road, on the way back to Robbimsville, turned into gravel and worse as it crossed a ridge. Got through, but never again. KIllboy's advice is perfect, as usual:" If the road starts to get worse, it's gonna get worser before it gets better."

red-zx6r said...

Thanks for letting us know about the update, KB! All I'd need is a title and a link so I know to go look. :D

Pilote Ancien said...

@red-ZX6r: just Google "Killboy on Facebook."

RC 51 Mark said...

Heard the storms caused a motorcycle death in the GSM park or Townsend.

Samuel Clemons said...

I wish you'd bring back your highlights on I can't get on Facebook at work. It was always something to look forward to. Wednesdays were always such a highlight of the week. Heck, while perusing the highlights I usually had people looking over my shoulder wondering where that beautiful road was!

2wheelsonly! said...




Pilote Ancien said...

Not gonna happen, guys. We need to get over it. Its faster for KB to post there, and he gets a wider audience. If your business were selling pictures, what would YOU do?

If we're gonna keep this site going as a blog, it's up to us. KB already said he feels like he's double-posting.

And yes, the worst of the comments on the FB page are even worse than they were here-and more OF them.

So, as I said, if we want to keep the "good" conversation going, it's up to us.

Pilote Ancien said...

p.s.: I activated my own blog, Pilotes Anciens, partly because of withdrawal symptoms from Plus I enjoy gassing about stuff that interests me.

It's about cages, and an Old Fart's perspective. But y'all two-wheeled FB haters are welcome to post, including biker stuff.

Or activate your own blogs! I'd read 'em...

RC 51 Mark said...

Facebook sucks my ass...jus sayin.

I will check out the PA blog too !

Darryl Cannon aka "killboy" said...

Why would I continue updating anything on here if y'all are just going to bitch and complain? Jus sayin.

Pilote Ancien said...

Keep on keepin' on, KB. Post where you want to. I read the FB page. And this one. Your FB captions are as funny as ever. ;-D

RC 51 Mark said...

1st joiner on PA's blog !
TWO come on in,maybe Trucker will show up and we can have a blast !

Did not mean to rile ya Darryl but sometimes bicthin and complaining is part of the fun. Its all about reaction not awww that's a cute bunny.

Still feelin the love though !

Pilote Ancien said...

Just looked at the videos of the July 5 epic wind storm on KB's FB page. Might be understatement, KB.

That bike was WAY down the bank. Like KB said in the Discovery show, if you go off you're gonna hit SOMETHING...

Pilote Ancien said...

July 11 Highlights comments:
1) B'leive that's a TWO-horse wagon.
2) Turbo Miata a good idea (money aside): that chassis can use 250 h.p. fine.
3) That's one SLAMMED Mister Two--looks like fun.
4) You don't see a Mini-Moke wearing a Royal Automobile Club badge every day...
5) If you're gonna do the Dragon in a vintage car, a
TR-2 is hard to beat: torque.
6) Alcoa cops: We got the Presence, Dragoneers: if you BYO for the holiday, it had better have the cap still on.
7) Lambretta: I'd have killed for one when I was 13. All the cool 14YO's, out from under their parents' thumbs, had one.
8) LOVE that California Mini.

2wheelsonly! said...

@ RC51~ I'm in!

The picture entitled "dog in a box" ?

Seeing the breed made me think that some facebooker woulda made the comment-

"Jack in the Box"

what's wrong with that crowd??


2wheelsonly! said...

I think I finally have it..

This site made each Wednesday an anticipated event shared by those lucky enough to have discovered it.

I actually liked the scrolling part, couldn't see all at once. Comments were good old funny/fantastic/foolhardy/effin good stuff!

Now, Darryl, good sir, I *completely* understand the facebook shift gives you greater, ahem, exposure and facilitates photo downloading and such.


Pilote Ancien said...
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Pilote Ancien said...

@2WO: Thanks. Hope for some biker voices, maybe even posters. If you and RC Mark 51 (and others) have an itch to scratch, let me know and I'll "authorize" you.
Once I figure out how to do it...