Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekly Update - June 20, 2012

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Not quite as busy last weekend as the rumors were predicting, but still average traffic.  Had a couple serious accidents Saturday...a sportbike vs. truck (rider ok) and a cruiser off the road around mile marker 8, resulting in the second fatality this year, the first being a cruiser off the road only a couple of weeks ago.  Our condolences to their friends and family...let's take it easy out there folks, no more of that please.

This weekend is the first of two SCCA "Chasing the Dragon" hillclimbs at nearby Maple Spring Overlook Road near Joyce Kilmer Forest/Cherohala Skyway this year. (another in September)  It's a dead-end road that they close off for the two day event and run race cars up the 2.2 mile section competing for times.  It's open to spectators so come check it out if you get the chance!  We'll be there with our usual crew getting plenty of photos and videos for you and the participants.  Here's a preview video we shot last year:

Chasing the Dragon SCCA Hillclimb Promo from killboy on Vimeo.

 I also shot a few fresh roadside videos last weekend.  First up is the weekly Video Log from Saturday where I talk about Missing Persons and Video Camera Setup:

And someone asked for more info about the SPOT GPS Tracking device I mention in there, so I made this info video for that:

And finally, I did a little review on the new GoPro Wifi/Remote Bacpac accessory here:


Pilote Ancien said...

Hope you can C the D in your toy, Darryl!

Pilote Ancien said...

The Kaiser-Darrin was not a "neat little car," then or now. Ugh. Big bucks at Barrett-Jackson, though, which goes to show that a fool and his money...

Pilote Ancien said...

That black "Funky Rod" in the highlights is a VERY nice piece. Looks like he engineered the front end, combining many bits and one-off fabrications, himself. As the saying goes, if it looks right it is right.