Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekly Update - May 30, 2012

As always, shots from the last ten years are up in Our Store here, and be sure to check out the beautiful additions to our area scenery/wall art selections. Below are some of the highlights from last week.

This week's highlight photos can be viewed here or by clicking on the photo below:

We also have the weekly Video Log below.  This week we cover how to act around the scene of an accident.  Hope it helps!


RC 51 Mark said...

Love these videos!

If Facebook is the new format for this blog I am out !
Fuck Facebook!!! I will miss this every week...jus saying

Pilote Ancien said...

^ ^ ^ + + +
Wish you would move it back to, Darryl. Is it faster/easier to get the highlights up and running on Facebook? I don't appreciate their tracking or privacy policy. Have resisted joining Facebook this long, and can hold out a bit longer I guess.

Will miss posting my gratuitous comments here. One of which, for the crossed-up Ferrari Daytona "tribute," was gonna be "Mor'n she's got, Cap'n."

martvol said...

Last week when I first saw the highlights on facebook in the album, I thought it would be good. Can see them all quicker (but smaller). It also hinders some from hiding behind the anonymity a blogger account provides, which most people seem to like.

But how are you gonna show the Boobies? Can you call it art and be allowed to show it. After all, you are a professional. It Should be art. It IS art!

Yo ARKiV said...

Allow me to jump on the "I Hate Facebook" train. It was so much more fun when everything was on the blogspot!

Darryl Cannon aka "killboy" said...

I'll still post boobies on the blog, and I do still put some captions on them on Facebook. I'm also doing the weekly videos now, which take more of my time, and all of this was consuming a solid day from each week for me without returning any direct income. (12-14 hours of work) Now I can do the update in a couple of hours and have most of my day back. You don't have to be logged into Facebook to see the highlights, but just like here, you do have to be to post comments. There's a lot more conversation on each photo on Facebook than here too.

I'm sorry if it bothers some, but I've just been losing so much time doing these updates and I hoped you guys would understand.

Pilote Ancien said...

It further occurs to me that, many moons back, Killgurl got mucho credit for editing the proofs and preparing the highlights. She has a life of her own to live. So does the Renowned Killboy. Who's Photographic Art, as Martvol points out, is second to none (and I don't mean just boobies).

Maybe the whole "Killboy Does The Dragon" thing has become a burden instead of a joy. I hope not. If so, it was a Great Run, KB and KG.

Darryl Cannon aka "killboy" said...

She's too busy answering emails and filling orders to help with highlights...I need to help HER more.

The only burden is not being able to spend more time on the Dragon and shooting. That's the point of this change...we want to be out there getting shots, not sitting here working so hard on updates.

Pilote Ancien said...

Oops! My most recent post crossed with Killboy's. I can see the economics of the thing. But I will miss the KB "presentation" on the site.

As for the conversation on Facebook, quantity has drowned quality already. "Like"??? As for boobies, there MUST be better sites out there in the intertubes for that...

As for the videos, SUPERB. But, absent odd stuff going by, you will soon run out of stuff to talk about for 12 or even 2minutes.

It was a fine run, Darryl. I only wish I had discovered when you started it, instead of stumbling across it while Googling "Tail of the Dragon" a year ago...

Pilote Ancien said...

p.s. : I'll still go to Facebook to view. Some of the best photography of Infernal Combustion that you can see anywhere.

RC 51 Mark said...

Good news is Facebook will die one day like everything else.
Zukerberg is already making desperate decisions like the Facebook platform phone etc.

He is destined to be just an App on the two devices that now dominate the market,Samsung and I phone with Samsung getting ready to land a killer blow !

Unknown said...

I agree with the no Facebook. I always looked forward to the highlights page on your site. It just looses that Killboy look and style on Facebook. Maybe there is an alternative way other than using Facebook that will still give the look and feel of the old way? I am all for making it easier for you but it may hurt your business in the end...just saying.

Unknown said...

Meh....not much into the facebook sad because I looked forward every week to this...

Unknown said...

I am not a product. Facebook is evil. Guess I'm done with Killboy. At least I have some of the published DVD's from the good ol' days along with all of my pictures for reminiscing. Good luck KB and KG. I will miss your wit as well as your pics.

ACCBiker said...

And these computers were supposed to be such time savers that would allow all of us to pay more.

Although I will miss the updates on the blog format, I can't blame you. This site has been my #1 reason for waking up on Wednesday mornings for several years. But you got to do what makes sense for you and your business/family first and foremost. We are just the peanut gallery.

Flash2Crash said...

Burn your hi-light photos onto a DVD, FedEx 'em overnight to me, and I'll sit here and upload them to Blogger. At least I'd have an excuse for sitting my butt in front of this 'puter for hours. Re: Video log. Does your camera automatically shut down at about the 12 minute mark, or have you set it for that?

Pilote Ancien said...

@F2C: Ah, but can you come up with the KB touch for captions? Art of the shots and blog presentation aside (and that's a big aside), the charm of the shots was KB's sense of humor. Maybe you've got the touch too. Whenever I tried my hand at a caption, it was either lame or derivative of KB.

yetimcclin said...

Darryl, just a thought but as much as we enjoy the videos, many of us like the photos being on your blog even more. And plenty of people aren't going to be willing to say the same things on FB they otherwise might. Afterall, most people aren't worried about their entire family reading your blog, while if we make comments on FB my MIL is likely to ask me what all that was about later. Yeah, that's just what I need...

Marid2apterbilt said...


Ax said...

While I loathe Facebook, I totally understand and respect Darryl's choice.

dustan2003 said...

Really like where you have the camera set up for this vlog. As for the FB haters, highlights are highlights. I haven't counted, but it seems like you are able to add even more photos on FB. Either way your fans will follow. Keep up the good work.

martvol said...

Must have been too much traffic looking at the highlights for FACEBOOK. You crashed em KB!!

2wheelsonly! said...

There appears to be a Faceoff over Facebook..aka,

Faceblecch Facebarf Facewaste

Farcebook Facetiousbook Facefarce

Wastebook Facialzitsbook eF-book!

Facelackstastebook Facethis!

Facesitonmy Facefool Facedrool

Facespacewaste Faceitnowyousuck

Fakebook Fartbook Flapbook

Faintbook F..etc

2wheelsonly! said...

Okay, it's time to..


No more ;O(

But, WAIT! Flash2Crash has volunteered to post pics!

If Flash needs/wants help, I volunteer to caption the pics!

We NEED our K-boy Blog!!!


2wheelsonly! said...

Flakebook Fakebook Flackbook

Fadbook Facadebook Failbook

Fallacybook Falsebook Fishbook

Forsakenbook Foulbook Fratbook


NISMO-FO said...

Surprised to see RC51 MARK plant his feet so quickly! I know he's been a die-hard on here for a long time because his comments are some of the reason I view - very entertaining!
2WOnly... hilarious!
I personally like and prefer the blog updates over the Facebook updates as well... I much prefer the presentation here, although, we still get quality photos and wit from you on FB. I guess this still somehow gives a more personal touch from you.
I agree with Pilote Ancien regarding the conversation on Facebook. Quantity has already pwned quality. The updates are too public and too many idiots hating on stuff they obviously know nothing about.
But if you literally have to update one photo at a time here, that's insane and I can't blame you for moving to Facebook, it only makes sense - especially if you really aren't bringing in much or enough income from it to justify spending a days work on it.
Either way, I'll follow. But will miss very much the conversation here. There ARE a ton of settings in Facebook though - maybe you can screen the comments or make it so only fans are able to comment???
Keep the updates and video logs coming! Enjoy the blog over the vidlogs but both are very entertaining IMO!

Pilote Ancien said...

That would be pretty funny: a re-make of "Debbie Does Dallas:"

RC 51 Mark, F2C, and 2WO Do Darryl. I'd read it. Then Killboy could post his own snarky rebuttal comments.

The massive lawsuits over intellectual property rights ALONE would be dissected in law schools for decades. After the decades it took to settle the suits.

Assuming, of course, that Killboy is getting filthy rich off the Highlights, which seems doubtful.

C.P.R. said...

Welp, so much for that. I don't want to click a pic and go to facebook. I want to click a pic and see a larger pic.

If it takes you more time to upload pics to your own site than to facebook the site might need some change.

Darryl Cannon aka "killboy" said...

Typical. Do something nice for people at no cost, then God forbid you ever stop...they don't appreciate what you gave them, they hate you for stopping.

And hell I didn't even stop, just made it easier on myself to continue doing it...and started adding more photos to the weekly highlights to boot. I guess that's asking too much of you though.

Pilote Ancien said...

To be clear, Darryl, I didn't mean you were being snarky (if you're commenting on my post). I meant that at lot of OTHER people post snarky stuff to the photos (me included). Just thought it would be funny if you got to turn the tables on us with regular posters volunteering to do the heavy lifting for you.

I for one would want ONLY the Killboy "voice" in the captions. Were I in your shoes, spending my only day off on putting together the Highlights, I'd pull the plug or save 85percent of my time too. Facebook is better than nothing. But the blog was AWESOME!

NISMO-FO said...

:-/ Personally killboy, I hope you don't get discouraged by the remarks of a few (which I doubt you are). Again, I prefer the blog, but no one could sustain these updates when it involves a days work. I had no idea and I'm sure no one else did either. For me, Facebook is definitely better than nothing, so I'll follow, as will many others. Many, many others. LOL And at the end of the day, haters gon' hate, man. Do your damn thing!

Alex Crisp said...

We own and run Crisp Funeral Home in Bryson and we pick up ATLEAST 2 bodies over there a year, some from a car and some from bike

Darryl Cannon aka "killboy" said...

Nah previous comment was directed at "CPR" and a few others acting like clicking one more time to get something for nothing is asking WAY too much.

I'm developing a thicker and thicker skin over time, so it's not going to stop me from doing what the majority of people still appreciate...just a shame that you can't be a nice guy on the internet much hate just changes you.

RC 51 Mark said...

A fundamental dislike of Facebook is my only gripe.

I don't give a shit if someone is eating french fries or sad that day or wearing their favorite shirt.

So much impersonal bullshit that I refuse to be a part of.
Remember when people had something to say and would talk ?

Old school maybe but it is my school!

Not hating anything but Facebook and I cant believe I used the term "hater" !

forkridge said...

Thanks for all you do for us Killboy. I am not a Facebook member, but I do not mind clicking the extra link. I think your comment above is correct, you are "doing what the majority of people still appreciate". Thanks again.

martvol said...

I'm good as long as I get to see some boobies a few times a year. Boobies make me smile! ;D

2wheelsonly! said...


No complaints about Killboy here!
My offer to volunteer on captions was/is sincere! It would be the LEAST I could do to show some appreciation..

I don't like Faceplant and was having some fun with it. I do HOPE to see some kinda KB KomeBack!
Either way, nothing but sincere thanks for the good times!!

martvol, regarding your comment about people not liking Facefart because they can't post with anonymity?

Couldn't a person just create an acct with an alias and fake/no picture?

Peace Y'all

Morgan said...

Do as you need to do. The facebook photos are much faster to go through.

Not many relish change. I certainly do not and was a little saddened at first, but it is a changing and dynamic world we live in and I understand that change is often needed and will alway be coming our way.

Good luck with all you do.

Darryl Cannon aka "killboy" said...

Faith in humanity, restored. Thank you Morgan. (pics can be displayed bigger on FB too, so I'm going to be upsizing them in future updates)

RC 51 Mark said...

Looking at D's photos faster is not why we are here.
Nice speech though !

Killboy will be fine no matter what he does. He is one of the few who gets to do what he actually wants.

He made a name for himself coming from an area where most people cant say that !

We are jealous and envious, Congrats DC....Lori too !