Tuesday, May 15, 2012

See, I want to say nice things about your car...

…but you guys driving all over the road in the wrong lane make it difficult.

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Josh said...

Gotta love douchebags.

2wheelsonly! said...

Herr Schweinhundt Douchen-Hyman III

Uncrazamatic said...

Disgrace:Loss of reputation or respect,as the result of a dishonorable action.Capiche?

yetimcclin said...

Captain D-bag doin' his thing.

Whamp said...

if only you had to have a shock collar applied before running the dragon and the photographers got to zap you when they saw you acting stupid.

thejoeofo said...

Shaming us Scooby owners :'(

Donna Ghost Bear said...

If you can't drive it, don't buy it.

2wheelsonly! said...

Here is a highly relevant story for all Dragoneers..

Today, 5/17, I made a call from here in Rhode Island to my health-insurance.

Got ahold of a sweet gal located in east TN. Well, I just HAD to ask her if..

Yup, she knew the Dragon. I told her how I long to ride the Tail.

We chatted a bit and she seemed pretty cool. I told her of just looking at this picture of some stooge coming around a blind corner (I'm guessing, as they mostly seem blind) in the WRONG lane.

She then said, ahem, 'you have to'

I then had to ask 'What do you mean?'
knowing the answer wouldn't be good.

'It's so tight you HAVE to drive in the other lane, it just CAN'T be helped' she said..

I felt the pit of my stomach go cold as I then hastily but politely ended the conversation.

what the FUCK? Man, I genuinely felt a little ill thinking of fellow motorcyclists riding the Dragon with STUPIDLY DANGEROUS drivers (and riders)..

Pilote Ancien said...

2W, you GOTTA ride it if you haven't. It's...how you say?'...a peak experience.

martvol said...


She would have been hanging up on me after that. I would not have let that go. Might have been a tougher arument not having riden the road, but that shouldn't stop you from setting them right. Yo have heard from enoough of us that have riden it to know you CAN stay in your lane and have a lot of fun doing it.

Donna Ghost Bear said...

We brought my dad's Hemi Challenger up on the 15th...and NEVER crossed the double yellow, our first visit many years ago was in a van (stayed in our lane in it also) I don't think I would have let that conversation go either.

2wheelsonly! said...

martvol, of course you can stay in your own lane-just like ANY road.

The thing is martvol, I could tell by the way she said it that there was no "setting them right". As soon as I told her what's up and she came back with the same shit I would become angry, then what?

Should I have hollered at her?
Told her she's stupid? Would not have gotten Anybody Anywhere.

If it was in person or a forum such as this I fuckin-A-right would have informed her of her erroneous beliefs.

martvol, I wish I could have single-handedly saved y'all from dumb drivers..

..but they are Everywhere on Every road.

2wheelsonly! said...

For the Record-

I do NOT give a FUCK about WHO would set WHO right or WHO the FUCK would not let conversations go regarding the phone call.

I thought just getting off the phone instead of getting hot under the collar and saying who-knows-what to a LADY would be best.
Mom would be proud.

I then thought I would share that bit with everyone (because I CARE about motorcyclists, you ingrates!)
to provoke some extra awareness of stupid drivers.

NOT to provoke- 'OHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is what I WOULD have done!'
'UHHHHHH, blah-blah-FUCKING-blah!'

What do you HEROES want, a Medal or a Chest to Pin it on?

Piss Off

2wheelsonly! said...


That's why I got off the phone..


Pilote Ancien said...

And by Peak Experience I mean this: have ransacked river valleys in OH, MN, WI, IA, and IL for 50 years looking for fun twisty runs. Found several, 5 to 10 miles in length. Urban sprawl has claimed a few.

But nothing up to Dragon/Cherohala/NC 28 standards, to name the three runs I've driven. Maybe that's why it's a Destination Vacation. Just base yourself in Robbinsville and go in ANY direction.

martvol said...

Duly noted, 2wheels. You have a wonderful, sunshiney day. :D

2wheelsonly! said...

Thanks, martvol.

I appreciate the sentiment.

Keep the Rubba-Side Down!

2wheelsonly! said...

hey Pilote, I will most definitely get me some "Tail" at some point!

So far Highway 1 north in CA has been my bestest road. Good surfing along that route, as well.


Pilote Ancien said...

@2W: Highway 1 must be in anyone's top 5, from what I've seen of stills and videos. Scenery just as pretty as Cherohala or the Skyline Drive. Maybe the top 2-3? Was in San Francisco once, but we had to go north to Seattle, so I missed it.

What makes the Dragon so cool is that it's even more challenging than HSAX. If I want to relax and enjoy Creation, Cherohala is my choice. But if you want the road to throw one challenge after another at you, the Dragon can't be beat.

Can't speak to bikes-haven't ridden since 1983. But when somebody posts a snarky comment about a Lotus Elise on this blog, I just smile. That car was MADE for the Dragon. With a moderate boost turbo kit and KB at the wheel, an Elise would set FTD, day after day.

My skill level is lower than KB's. And I love my Mustang (especially for the Corn Rectangles with the odd sweeper hereabouts). But even at my skill level, bringing a big car to the Dragon is like bringing a cutlass to a knife fight.


2wheelsonly! said...

Pilote said~ "Can't speak to bikes-haven't ridden since 1983."

Too funny, 1983 was the year I graduated high school.

My last remaining street-bike is a 1983 Suzuki GS1100E.

Summer of `83 was a BLAST!

Pilote Ancien said...

That's the Ancien part...

Pilote Ancien said...

@2WO: Looked up the GS1100E on the intertubes--nice bike. A friend of mine, 65 y.o., still rides a Honda 750 Nighthawk).

2wheelsonly! said...

When I literally fall-over at stop signs because my gnarled legs buckle is when I will stop riding..


2wheelsonly! said...

Dirt-bikes will present more of a problem with much higher seat heights!

And will ride bicycle's til I grind to dust..

Pilote Ancien said...

Well, there's always trikes and Segues. Would a liter bike-powered wheelchair be an option? Or is it 4 Wheels Never? Just thinking ahead here, partly on my own account. Killboy has a device you can semi-recline in, which would appeal to me as an octogenarian.