Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Saturday's Video Log

A couple of recent videos to tide you over...


Pilote Ancien said...

Sounds like you were a busy Killboy this week, Darryl.

Best video yet. As an experienced HSAX driver, I thought I knew all about running the Dragon before I got there. Wrong. I even early-apexed: anxiety compounded by ego.

It took me two trips and five passes to learn (the hard way) the advice on this video. Result? Smoother, faster, passes.

Best NEW tip: the Dragon is two COMPLETELY different runs, depending on whether you are northbound or southbound.

Respect the Dragon, and respect the fact that it is a public road, not a Theme Park dreamed up by Tennessee to indulge the egos of gearheads.

Pilote Ancien said...

"Tell me, Paco, would you say I have a PLETHORA of Minis?"

Tom said...

Sounds like he's firing a paintball gun at the cars!