Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Car Tire!

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rides on nose said...

dat still just doesn't look right

Matt said...

idiot! Wait until he blows that sidewall.

tdragger said...

darkside rules.

tdragger said...

The idiot is one that opens his mouth not knowing what he is saying.

2wheelsonly! said...

I'm not a fan BUT for many years have been seeing wit me own two eyes that..


Car Tires DO work on motorsickles!

There is NO doubt about it..

DOC said...
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DOC said...

OK, while I have to say that the whole car tire thing is not my bag, I also have to say the guy pictured on the stratoliner I know personally and he his most certainly NOT an idiot!! He is a very skilled and experienced rider I can assure you. While I ride the same model bike as him and I stay with motorcycle tires, I understand why he chose to goto the "darkside" as they call it. These Stratoliners are great bikes with a ton of torque but they eat tires like pacman gobbles dots, hence the interest in trying car tires.

I would say that I would not recommend trying a car tire if you are not a very experienced rider!! And if you do try it, you will need to experiment with the tire pressure, the "sweet spot" when using a car tire is very precise.

Like I said, I know this guy very well and felt compelled to comment. You are all entitled to your opinion of the tire but you might want to think about comments about people that you know nothing about!!

Just my 2 cents!!

2wheelsonly! said...

Word Up!