Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekly Update - April 25, 2012

As always, shots from the last seven years are up in Our Store here, and be sure to check out the recent additions to the area scenery/wall art selections. Below are some of the highlights from last week.

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Lots of groups were on the calendar last week, but it wasn't nearly as busy as we'd expected.  Good to see some of the impressive machinery out there though.  This weekend there are a couple of Mustang groups, Subarus, and Supra groups on Tha Calendar, and who knows what else will stroll in.  We'll be out there shooting away!

Couple of items to note.  This month we've got a crazy action shot from the past featured on the back page of Super Street Bike magazine.

 And I'm also getting a character named after me in an upcoming novel called "The Tail of the Dragon"!  According to the author:

"In the book it is Killboy who starts what becomes billions of dollars in destruction and a political struggle that ends up all the up to the Oval Office of the White House over a simple bet. And the bet was not a hefty sum of money—but just an average hot dog that would become responsible for starting a war in America."

Sounds about right.  Find out more about the novel here, and I'll keep ya posted when it becomes available for human consumption.

Ok, on to the highlights!

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