Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Needs more lightning bolt.

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Bonegirl said...

I'll never understand why so many people bash scooters. This is a great picture and he is obviously enjoying the ride, riding very well and has as much power as he will ever need in that Reflex. Nice job, Darryl.

Pilote Ancien said...

He's a Dragonslayer and he's OK;
He tows two States to ride for a day...

Ax said...

Most scooter-bashers are simply ignorant of what these big scooters are capable of. I love outriding "real bikers" on my 90+mph Yamaha Majesty (400cc) -- and I can do it with a week's worth of groceries under the seat. ;)

2wheelsonly! said...

From Aermacchi to Zundapp, I wave at ALL things two (and three) wheeled.

That includes Chappy's, Spyder's, MB5's, Mods, Rockers, Big Wheels,
Honda Kick n' Go's, H-D trikes, Vespa's, ETC!

But, Ax, my man? 400cc and 90mph are just that- 400cc's and 90mph!
No match performance-wise for any decent motorcycle.

Put the Credit where it belongs- it's your MAD skills, bro!

Seriously, it's not the ride you mount, rather the *way* you ride your mount that matters..