Wednesday, April 04, 2012

BCSO and THP had a check point set up last Saturday

They were stopping all vehicles checking licenses/registrations/motorcycle endorsements etc.

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powding said...

Glad to see these are not motorcycle only check points. Thanks goes in big part to the AMA for that.

2wheelsonly! said...

Hell YES to the American Motorcyclist Association!

A BIG thanks to the AMA for fighting against Motorcycle-Only traffic checkpoints!

Become a member to help insure your future riding Rights!

p.s. These guys who ride in short-sleeve SHIRTS and NO gloves topped by effin' Soup-Bowl Helmets are the ONES charged with insuring Public Safety?! whutta laugh!

How about they START insuring the safety of their own Bad-Ass Selves BEFORE preaching to the public!