Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Weekly Update - October 5, 2011

As always, shots from the last seven years are up in Our Store here, and be sure to check out the recent additions to the area scenery/wall art selections. Below are some of the highlights from last week.

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Well if you ever wanted to know what it's like to drive up Pike's Peak, come on out to the Dragon.  It's a dusty, gravely mess for the next couple of days at is a video I shot today doing what I could to clear the road off some. ;)

DOT is cleaning the ditches on the northbound side of the road, so that lane has a lot of debris...southbound is pretty clear.  They've got signs up while they work warning of stopped traffic and all, but they're gone when they leave.  Not sure why they didn't bring a street sweeper...maybe waiting until finished?  In the mean time, be careful on that first run through and scout it out. (Like you always should anyway.)

Otherwise the conditions are great.  Weather has been fantastic, and traffic is light.  Leaves are still mostly green, but starting to see some cool bursts of color here and there.  Lori and I ran up to the Skyway Sunday to check it out, and it's still just starting to change to red even up there.  We'll keep you updated as conditions change.

On to the highlights!


thejoeofo said...

I needed to get out there and practice backing in the Motard while it was dusty!!!!

Bryan said...

Think it will be done by late saturday afternoon? That's when my group expect to roll in