Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Well, it's colorful!

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bikertrash2001 said...

A true red-blooded (southern) American...

Rockin' a Honda...

qcramair said...

A true redneck American...

Pretending to be a road pirate.

P3 said...

Hey I've Rebel Flags flying as for north as Coopertown, New York.

Motopsycho05 said...

Heritage not hate...yea right.

MikeE said...

Even inbreeders need something to beleive in.

Josh said...

I beleive that your eyes may be pretty close together.

spec,fx said...

This site has been over run by jerk off haters,I had rather be an individual in bred southern than a know it all Northern prick

MikeE said...

I don't think it has much to do with north or south... Or even haters.
Most of us weren't around in 1861 and no longer care who won the civil war.
The world has enough hate without these clowns adding more.

It might have more to do with some people having a modern higher education and others claiming heritage. (we truly know it is hate though, don't we?)

I have sat on the porch with many black riders and judging from these pictures the black riders were much more friendly than these guys will ever be.

But there is that Freedom of Speech.
And each to his own.
A fifty star American flag would be a much more proud flag to fly while riding.

Can't we all just get along?
These are very trying times we are currently living in. Why would someone want to openly offend their fellow Americans?

The war is over. You did not participate. The south lost. Get over it.

For the record, I was born and raised in the south.
My parents were not even in the US until WWII ended.

What about your ancestors? Were they even here?
I would guess your ancestors are from New York?
That was the entry point to the US. The world's melting pot.

When you speak about the haters, look in the mirror.

We are all guilty of being prejudice at one time or another... :(

Lighten up and go ride your ride.

P3 said...

I bet none of you PC tough guys say a word when you see a foreign flag on US soil do you? Do you go all crazy with PC emotions when you see Mexican Flags being displayed? Probly not!
Like it or not that flag is part of American history.
FYI: Do yall know the 1st state to legalize Slavery? Massachusetts
You probly even don't know when and why the Mason Dixon Line came about do you?

RC 51 Mark said...

Sometimes I get a hot dog at "Pedros" South of the border,does that count ?

Anonymous said...
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