Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No pressure or anything.

Remember folks, there are over 100 paved pull-offs...please be considerate. And they can also be used to build a gap behind slower traffic for you guys/gals that get frustrated/bored.

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Flash2Crash said...

Those paved pull-offs have to be the most underused asphalt in the world.

2wheelsonly! said...

Good Advice from KB that's applicable to all roads everywhere.

Instead of getting pissed and blowing-by leaf-peepers (guilty as charged), I have found pulling to the side and letting them get waaaaaayyy ahead before resuming the fun is the "way" to "play" !

wingman said...

We need rangers like on the golf course. Just stand out there & point these guys over to the pull off sos people can pass.
CLUE: If you look in your mirror & see lights & there's no one in front of you.....YOU'RE THE ROAD BLOCK.

marco said...

Is that guy REALLY holding up all of these people? Please tell me he's behind a semi or something.