Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekly Update - March 16, 2010

Shots from the last seven years are up in Our Store here, and be sure to check out the new additions to the area scenery selections.

So yeah, fresh rock slide in case you haven't heard. It blocked both lanes just north of the Dragon for about an hour, they got one lane cleared, then closed it back off later that night due to concerns about further instability in the rock face. Latest predictions for reopening the road are somewhere between this Saturday, and April 1st.

If you've ever bitched/dreamed about having the road to yourself, this is an epic opportunity...if you can get in from the south end. I'm pretty sure they'll allow government vehicles to pass, like LEOs, so don't go in thinking it's your own personal race track. There's just a LOT less regular non-enthusiast traffic to dodge in your lane now.

Speaking of epic, here's the car crashing into the rock slide video in case you haven't seen it on our Facepages.

Not many highlights to pick from this week otherwise though...it was so cold and rainy out all weekend, we didn't even shoot. Hopefully warmer days are just around the corner!


HydraShok158 said...

That is not how I would want to get my "Fifteen Minutes" of fame.

But you say the Dragon is open from the south, and there is not much traffic? hmm...

Flash2Crash said...

Hey, it's only Tuesday. You were supposed to set your clock ahead on hour, not one day.

Darryl Cannon aka "killboy" said...

Not much going on, figured I'd knock it out early and work on some projects. ;)

Reinkster said...

lol, the video was hilarious.

So we can ride from the south and won't run into problems? Works good for me coming from Asheville.

Eric said...

I wonder if that cell phone in his hand had anything to do with it. How can you NOT see all that in the road? I would love to see a detailed phone bill for the 5 minutes before and after the incident. lol

Tory said...

So the entire Dragon is "maybe" gonna be closed off, from the store to Foothills?

Good way to shut down the racers, cruisers and businesses.

Controlled demolition is very popular with the govt these days... Guaranteed immunity.

After all, the BC sheriff brags he can burn down anybody's house and kill them and their little dog too.

FATTKAW said...

think he was playing with his man boobs!!!