Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random Update - Dec 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008!

It has been a good year for us, hope you all had many good times as well. At the beginning of each year I contemplate what the coming year will bring for us, and all of the interesting times we will have. I know this year is supposed to be economically challenging for everyone, and I almost hate to even mention it because I can't help but think that making a big deal of it doesn't help just makes people panicky and exacerbates the problem. It's like when the rumor gets started that there is going to be a gas shortage, so everyone runs out and buys up all the gas they can...creating a gas shortage. Brilliant!

So we'll just do what we do and let the chips fall where they may...I try not to stress about that which I can not control.

We will be heading down to Jamaica in a week for some vacation time. We'll be sure to take lots of pics for you all, as always. May not be much of an update next week.

This week I've got some more nice videos, and a few more old school pics. First off though, I want to point out that our guy Dave Spotts was quick to notice that Google Maps had added Deals Gap to their "Street View" catalog. Some of you may remember this shot taken on Friday, October 10, 2007...looks like they finally got their photos online, and guess who they caught at work:

You can click on that image to step your way all the way through the Dragon click-by-click. (rotate your viewpoint with the little 4-way tool in the upper-left) To save you the trouble, here's the Resort, and here's the Overlook.

I've also got a couple of fresh videos for you. First up is a nice, soggy run through testing out my new GoPro Wide-Angle camera. I'm planning to use it when we go diving next week, as it's good to 100 feet underwater.

And finally, this took some work...over 3 hours of video was shot last weekend playing paintball by me and 2 of my friends, all "on-board". I have the wide-angle mounted in the top of my mask, and my 2 friends had cameras mounted on their guns. 2 days of editing and I got it down to 15 minutes. I hope you enjoy!


Aaron Weber said...

Love the videos! What's the song on that first one?

Corey said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the Google Street View, Darryl. I had to blog about it myself. :)

Flash2Crash said...

You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to actually move forward through the gap.
Re: Last week's 'copter video. What's the chance of flying through the gap, maybe controlling it from the bed of a pickup truck? That'd be a cool video.

Darryl Cannon aka "killboy" said...

Aaron: Thanks! It's mostly music by "Audiobytes for Autobots", which you can download for free from their site and other sites.

Flash: That is the plan eventually...I have to work on my skillZ. ;)

smoker said...

Darryl, how as the battery life been on the GoPro camera's? I'm thinking about getting one for our trip to DG this Spring.

stretch said...

I bet I know where your friend dave found out about it. I posted that exact same picture on the E.T.R. site about a month ago.

Darryl Cannon aka "killboy" said...

smoker: It is pretty rough on batteries. If it's warm, NiMH rechargables work pretty good. If it's cold, the ONLY option is Lithiums. I hate AAA batteries, they're such a waste of time.

Stretch: Good work! I never saw that thread. David doesn't spend much time on ETR, and he actually sent another shot, I got on there and moved around to pull that shot. Great minds and all that. ;)