Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Weekend Update - September 23-25, 2005

First a heads-up about this weekend: Bear hunting season started Monday and lasts for one week, so this weekend there will be hunters with their dogs along the side of the road at the Gap. They tend to clear out as soon as they can, but take it easy around these guys. They only get a week and there is NO benefit to getting these guys riled up at us. There have been a few incidents in the distant past of debris and oil ending up on the road during the time they were out there, but the last couple of years have been cool so lets keep it that way. Maybe even stop and hang out with a few if you have something in them we are regular folks too.

Also there will be rafting again this Saturday along the Cheoah River. Last time there were a LOT of police and emergency vehicles along 129 just south of Deal's Gap where the river runs alongside the road. (NC) They are there for good reason...there is a lot of foot traffic and spectating during this time, so folks need to back it down a notch and stay alert. They're not trying to write a bunch of tickets, but they will not tolerate reckless behavior and I don't blame 'em.

So anyway, it was beautiful on the Gap last weekend. A bit windy Sunday...well, really windy Sunday, but it felt nice and kept the temps down. No major incidents or police presence. The Triumphs did their thing but the numbers seemed a little low...I guess they were out on rides to other roads/areas. I know the Tigers always do an off-road thing.

It's a little late so I don't have the creativity to say much more. The shots are uploading to our store from last's going to take a day or so. Meanwhile, here are some highlights. Goodnight... =)

Triumph riders did their annual Rat Raid. There were some great examples from the British maker, like this cafe racer.

There were even a few kilt runs...a little more man flesh that I want to see, but something for the ladies I suppose.

We had a bit of breast action...more on that later.

Fall is coming. The leaves don't really pose any traction problems unless they get wet. They can clog up the front of your radiator though, so keep an eye on that.

Cool couple!

Mandatory Sparky Action

Smooth custom job...dig that little light on the front fender too.

When all else fails, strap it on!

Look closer...

Can you count the lights? I'd like to see that go through at night.

I'd like to see that thing go through at night too!

He's not impressed.

Don't see many Honda Hawks. Notice how they deliberately routed the exhaust to the left side to make SURE that floating rear wheel was as exposed as possible.

It's the rare 57 Chevy lightweight edition....complete with V8

Time to get some dead cow on those knees.

That Tiger looks angry.

A little motard action is always good.

No need for ain't pickin up chicks at this Gap. =P

Been off-roading have we?

Yikes, I hope that oil doesn't get on your rear tire man...that's some precious cargo you're carrying.

I don't think those will work on there. ;)

WRXs look so likey.

Crazy lean on the Ducati with temp tags.

Phat Porsche...looks a lot better on the right-hand side of the yellow baby.

Sweet Chopper!

Speed Buggy

Race car on the Gap!

My boy Jack lookin great as always. One of the smoothest, most respectful riders you'll ever meet.

My heroes

This chick was screaming the whole way across. She's funny.

Rick rode his wing over from Colorado to do a few laps on the Dragon Saturday. Did I mention he was IN COLORADO ON FRIDAY?

Ah what can ya do? Sometimes the traffic is just hopeless.

Did your arms get sore? =)

That just looks like a real handful of bike...good job!

3-wheelin' the ole GTI

Dig that old Norton!

The plate cracks me up.

Another purdy Screamin' Eagle

Cord showing? Can't say I haven't been there...although it's usually on the side. =P

Somebody catch him, he's falling!

Our buddy Cruise Missle was back on the scene...I hate that guy ya know.

Funky mirrors!

Big purple trike

That V-twin is mounted sideways! ;)

Damn guy, could we show a little self-control in our passing technique? There are some decent places to pass, but around blind lefts ain't one of them.

For some reason the bike looks really skinny...I bet it has good ground clearance.

Great shot!

130mph on gravel?

Check out that reflection

Funky fenders