Wednesday, April 04, 2012

"He only sleeps when I take him for rides."

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Pilote Ancien said...

So much for a child seat, buckled only into the rear seat of a "cage."

ShortBus said...

So "Dad"... you've got what looks to be well more than a grand invested in your own riding gear, and what for your precious cargo? A sub-$100 open face helmet and the clothes he wears to school??

We see what's in the ride for him. What's in it for you?

yetimcclin said...

Man, this just annoys me. That kid has no business being on the back of that bike wearing that. If an adult wants to dress like an idiot, that's their own decision. But this rider is dressed in plenty of gear, only to carry a kid around who is basically wearing nothing protective and doesn't know any better. The rider is an asshat.

Wraith said...

So for all you judgers and haters who probably don't have kids or either don't spend time with them here is the scoop. 1. he rode in the truck to the dragon see " kid dynamite " a few pics down. 2. he was strapped to me which you can not see. 3. obviously I was going so slow he fell asleep. 4. I promised him that I would take him down the dragon (I don't make promises I don't keep). As for the gear I'm wearing, I like to ride hard and have fun at the dragon (which I was doing before he wanted to ride). So judge yourselves before you judge me in a snap shot. By your comments you have already shown what character of people you are. Malcontent people who judge or make comments about others just so they can feel superior about themselves. (pretty sad)By the way we both had good quility time and fun together.

Pilote Ancien said...

OK, Wraith: a heartfelt, candid, and full explanation; I understand your exasperation with "drive-by posters."
You're entitled to a semi-apology.

Can we leave it that, as a parent, you have a higher tolerance for risk than I did when my kids were that age. (I have two adult children, two grandchildren, and rode myself back in the Stone Age.)