Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Highbars are handy for certain things I suppose.

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powding said...

like airing out armpits...

2wheelsonly! said...

Ape-Hangers, baby!

also a good tune by the Ass-Pony's

bullett500 said...

Mostly just making you look like an idiot.

RC 51 Mark said...

Funny !

2wheelsonly! said...

Not where I want my hands/controls/handlebar when an errant SUV comes at me!

cobra6 said...

Two points:

1. They are not good for controlling the bike, and

2. You do look like an absolute idiot!

martvol said...

Oh for God's sake.
OK. Bikes are like cigarettes. Someday they are going to kill you. Give them up before they do. The guy is having a good time. He is in his lane. He is not so idiotic to not have a good looking night time ride behind him :D
Stop spewing your venom for everything not up to your snuff. IT IS A FREE (for the most part) COUNTRY!!!!!!
If he upsets the biking Gods, they will take care of him.

bullett500 said...

Well said, martvol; but he still looks like an idiot.

2wheelsonly! said...

Jay-Zus b-500!
"Stop spewing your venom for everything not up to your snuff."

Personally, martvol, I was merely citing a riding preference, not judging the rider.

"IT IS A FREE (for the most part) COUNTRY!!!!!!"

You really painted yourself into a corner on that one, martvol old chap!

I must infer that "IT IS A FREE (for the most part) COUNTRY!!!!!!"
pertains to *freedom of speech*, as well?

Seriously martvol, what did you want to see when you clicked-on "comments"? Only comments you arbitrate as suitable?

Like, oh I dunno, "wow, he's dreamy-cool, and dig that foliage!"

I am asking out of curiosity, not to bust your nuts! We are *all* in it together!

2wheelsonly! said...


About 350 people a year die by drowning in a bath-tub!

My question is, were any of them smoking at the time?